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UC San Diego Health

At UC San Diego’s Innovation Hub, the Triton Center for Performance and Injury Science, we focus on designing next-generation tools to acquire high-value tissue and cell samples from athletes, creating a repository of the resulting biospecimens, and translating discoveries from bioassay analysis to the clinic for the benefit of athletes and the public. This area of research has tremendous potential for innovation, translation, and commercialization.

credit I-Hsun Wu, UC San Diego

Creating a repository of biospecimens and clinical images that will be available to the entire alliance

credit: National Cancer Institute

Developing and implementing new tools and techniques to acquire biosamples in a minimally invasive fashion

credit: CDC

Implementing existing and developing new bioassays for quantifying training stage, healing potential, and injury risk

credit: UC San Diego Health

Facilitating communication between clinicians, scientists, athletes, and coaches

credit: Derrick Tuskan

credit: Nathan Dumlao

Developing and implementing the ethical principles needed to acquire biosamples from athletes while protecting their privacy

Engaging with other human performance alliance members @ UC San Diego and alliance members and partners across the world

credit: I-Hsun Wu, UC San Diego

Innovation Hub Leaders